Since 1993, Myanmar Oriental Bank has been providing innovative banking products and services to our customers across Myanmar. Through the guidance of the Central Bank, at the direction of the Board, and with the support of the Bank’s management and employees, Myanmar Oriental Bank’s brand is widely recognized in the community for service quality, reliability, and prudent banking practices.

After I joined Myanmar Oriental Bank in March 2018, I have been traveling around the country to visit our customers, the Bank’s branches, and the Bank’s employees serving our customers. This has been a great opportunity for me to understand our Bank’s impact in local communities. From these visits, I have come to realize the essence of Myanmar Oriental Bank’s culture and how this culture drives what we do. In summary, we are a humble bank, but with large aspirations.

At Myanmar Oriental Bank, we aspire to be a leading bank for Small and Medium Enterprises across the country. Myanmar Oriental Bank’s 25th anniversary marks a milestone not only in our history, but also the beginning of a new journey for the Bank. We are embarking on a transformation journey to modernize Myanmar Oriental Bank’s products and services to better support our customers.

In line with Myanmar Oriental Bank’s culture of being a humble bank, but with large aspirations, we realize that the transformation journey is not one that the Bank can travel on its own. At Myanmar Oriental Bank, we believe that the cornerstone of the Bank’s future success is going to be building long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Since 2012, we have partnered with foreign organizations to enhance our banking services for the benefit of our customers. Our key partners include our network of correspondent banks, Western Union, Union Pay, E-Sun Bank, GIZ, Temenos, Techmill, Ongo, and the International Finance Corporation. We also look forward to working with new domestic and foreign partners that will support Myanmar Oriental Bank’s transformation journey and long-term mission.

I would like to thank the Chairman and the Board Directors for giving me this opportunity to lead Myanmar Oriental Bank into the transformation journey.