Higher rate of interest than savings account until maturity date.

Product Features

  • Individual, Joint, Company, Association
  • Interest can be transferred to current and saving accounts
  • Minimum Ks 10,000 is required as initial deposit
  • No minimum balance
8.5% p.a

interest (30) days

9.25% p.a

interest (90) days

9.50% p.a

interest (180) days

9.75% p.a

interest (270) days

10% p.a

interest (365) days

Required Documents:


  • Form E,
  • Form 6,
  • Form 26,
  • Resolution of BOD to open account at MOB  with
    1. Account Type
    2. Authorized person to operate the open account with withdraw option.
    3. Stamp rubber seals including name, designation and company name assigned by company.
    4. Articles and Memorandum of Association with endorsement by Company Authorized Person.
    5. Company license

Terms & Conditions


  • Deposit and withdrawal must be done by the account holder.

Closing Account

  • Fixed deposit account can be closed by the account holder with the Certificate.