Advantages of both current and savings account

Product Features

  • Individual, Joint, Company, Association
  • 2% p.a interest for balance under MMK 10,000,001 /-
  • 6% p.a interest for balance above MMK 10,000,000 /-
  • Ks. 10,000 initial deposit.
  • Ks. 10,000 minimum balance.
  • Daily interest calculated on balance and paid quarterly.

Required Documents

Individual / Joint

  • NRC copy
  • 2 referees
  • Form 1 for foreigner

Terms & Conditions


  • Deposit, withdrawal and balance check can be done by bringing the call deposit book at any branch of MOB by the account holder or by a representative appointed by the account holder in accordance with the Bank’s rules.

Closing Account

  • The account closing can proceed at the MOB branch where the account was opened by returning the call deposit book.
  • Interest and remaining balance of the account will be provided to the account holder once the account closing process is complete.