Loans for students or employees who want to study for Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor & Master Degree

Loan period

  • minimum 1 year (2 years for the large amount of fees)

Fees & Charges

Interest Rate (12%)
Service Charges (1%)for authorized dealer

Down Payment

  • Minimum: 30% down payment & monthly principal payment

Required Documents

  • If an applicant is an individual,
    • Form for Education Loan and related rules
    • Business license of parents
    • Profit & Loss statement and bank statement (for two closet financial years)
    • Tax slip (for two closet financial years)
    • Photos of business (Photos of operation, Raw materials & finished products, buildings and offices
    • NRCs and household registration
    • Passport photo of the applicant
    • Commitment of guarantors
    • Ward certification and recommendation from respective training school/ college / university
    • Need to open a current deposit account
  • If the applicant is civil servant,
    • NRCs and household registration, Passport Photo
    • Living certificate from ward administrative office
    • Position/salary recommendation by respective government department
    • A guarantor who is able to pay the loan on behalf of the applicant
    • NRC and household registration of guarantors
    • Commitment from guarantors
    • Recommendation from respective training school / college / university