Advantages of both current and savings account

Product Features

  • Individual, Joint, Company, Association
  • 3% p.a interest rate (above Ks. 10,000,001)
  • Ks. 10,000 initial deposit.
  • Ks. 10,000 minimum balance.
  • Daily interest calculated on balance and paid quarterly.

Required Documents

Opening an Individual Account
  • Complete application form with signature
  • Copy of NRC/Passport
  • 2 Guarantors/Referrers
Opening a Joint Account (More than one account holder)
  • Two (or) more persons can open a joint account
  • Complete application form with signature
  • Copy of NRC/ Passport
  • 2 Guarantors/Referrers
  • For withdrawal, please mention clearly names and number of persons who will be designated to sign (Either one person (E Or S) or two persons out of three person joint account or two persons out of two person joint account)

Terms & Conditions

  • Deposit, withdrawal and balance check can be done by bringing the call deposit book at any branch of MOB by the account holder or by a representative appointed by the account holder in accordance with the Bank’s rules.
Closing Account
  • The account closing can proceed at the MOB branch where the account was opened by returning the call deposit book.
  • Interest and remaining balance of the account will be provided to the account holder once the account closing process is complete.