Myanmar Oriental Bank  Limited has been able to provide comfort for the  National employees and company employees and for the education training costs , Medical Expenses and Loans are granted for the purpose of assisting other socially necessary expenses.

Loan Period

  • Staff loan granted by the Bank must provide monthly loan interest and interest charges during the authorized period of monthly payment.
No Position Working Experience Loan Loan Period
1. Security, Driver, Cleaner and Office assistant 1 year and above 3 times of salary 1 year
2. Junior Clerk and Above 1 year to 5 year 5 times of salary 2 year
3. Junior Clerk and Above 5 year and above 10 times of salary 3 year

Interest Rate


Per year


Staff Loans interest will be calculated by using the Amortization Method.

Applying for staff loans requirement are;

Applicants must not be a person ,who obtained a loan  from other bank .

If a person who would like to get a loan, applicant must apply for the staff loan after completion of other loan repayment and submit loan proposal attached with the following documents ;

  • Relevant Place /Approval from Director of Corporate Responsibility for  Company  Position / Salary/ Experience.
  • Approval for Origin of Residence / Village. (To Apply for a loan at Myanmar Oriental Bank)
  • Hard Copy for Identity Card and House hold copy.
  • An Insured person who can actually pay for the Staff loan.(Guarantors)
  • (Family member 1 and 2 Staff or non family members 2).
  • If the company employee is the insure Chairman  /Director / CEO of the company must be signed as Guarantor.
  • A copy of the Guarantors national identification card and copy of Household list.
  • Current Account must be open.
  • Must be permanent employee and have at least one year of working experience.