JICA SME Two Step Loan

Myanmar Oriental Bank Limited aims to promote the local people and businesses by creating new employment opportunities to grow the country’s manufacturing and investment opportunities for local small and medium enterprises.

In the JICA SME Two-Step Loan Scheme for the development of domestic small and medium enterprises, MOB Bank is providing loans aimed at improving the quality and quality of small and medium enterprises in line with the existing loan policy.

Type of Loan

  • Regular loan; Giving loan with Warranty Property.
  • Loans for easing mortgage conditions; Credit without collateral 100% or Credit Guarantee Insurance (CGI).
  • Loans for business activities with Japan Companies.

Loan Term

Depending on the type of loan applicant’s business, the Bank will allow a minimum of one-year loan period up to a maximum of (5) years depending on the type of loan applicant’s business.

Interest Rate

Types of loan Interest Rate
JICA SME Two Step Loan (Secure) 5.50 %
JICA SME Two Step Loan (Unsecure) 5.50% – 10%

Loans Applicants

The Person applying for the SME Loan must be the 18 years old Organize company that operates the SME in accordance with the existing law. According to this, they must be licensed by the relevant line ministries. In addition, the Bank will provide priority screening for those with SME Member card.

The JICA SME Second Stage Loan Application Program aims to enhance the productivity and performance of small and medium enterprises as well as the initial operating capital that benefits capital investment.  The Bank will select and prioritize services for equipment, warehouse and investments.

Those who are not allowed to apply for a loan;

  • SME member card holder Farmers.
  • Real Estate Companies.
  • Finance and Insurance Companies.
  • Bars and Restaurants Business.
  • Entertainment Companies
  • Presentation Activities Business.
  • Arms and Jewelry Trading Companies.
  • Tasks that affect social stability.

Specific policies for not lending of domestic small and medium enterprises;

  • Workers in conflict with national laws
  • Bargain Shoppers with the intention of making a profit.
  • High Interest rate borrowers
  • Businesses that are not economically viable.
  • Bad personality people.

Myanmar Oriental Bank Limited will provide priority loans to those who meet the following types of loans for the JICA SME Two Step Loans.

  • Production Businesses
  • A Business focused on business or payroll companies.
  • Wholesale Businesses
  • Retail Business
  • Hospitality Business
  • Other Business


  • Ground and Building Factories Companies.
  • Products
  • Gold Jewels and Gold products.
  • Automotive Parts and Accessories
  • Bank Accounts Balances
  • Treasury bills to get from the state.

Requirements for JICA SME Two Step Loan Application 

If the person applying for a loan is a person as below;

  • Two copies of Business License
  • Two years, including two fiscal years closest to the balance sheet
  • Two copies of nearest fiscal year copy including Profit pay slip.
  • Photos of Business running and raw materials including corporate and office photos
  • Two copies of the relevant land lease and land title deeds
  • Two copies of 105, 106 of the history of the bank loan within one years
  • If you make a real estate loan, you have to show the latest property tax return
  • East West North South Photos courtesy of insurance building photos
  • Two news copies of the BCC residence.
  • SME Membership card

If the applicant is a corporate or company business;

  • Valid Company Registration and Import License
  • Resolution of Board of Directors
  • Organization Chart and History
  • Profit and Loss statement
  • Profit pay slip
  • Company Profile (if have)
  • If there is a company profile, shown the company’s foreign Currency Account and Myanmar Currency annuity statement for (1) year bank statement.
  • Attach copied with Import and Export Certificate.