Pure overdrafts are not available, but loan and overdraft are jointly available

Fee & Charges

Interest Rate (9.00%)
Service Charges (1.00%)
Commitment Fees ( 1% )for unused amount
Late Fees (5,000 ks)

Required Documents

  • NRC, household member list, passport photo
  • Business license (Copy)
  • Tax on profit paid to government for business
  • Financial statement (profit and loss, balance sheet)
  • Color photos of business
  • Company Registration Certificate
  • Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association
  • Export / Import license or declaration
  • Original title deeds / documents
  • Latest municipal bills paid to government
  • BCC for new building
  • Color photos of building (in front, back and both sides left & right and interior)
  • Form 105 / 106 issued by township office for borrowing money from MOB