The purpose of Myanmar Oriental Bank’s (MOB) Corporate Governance Policies (or Manual) is to summarize MOB’s (the Company) key corporate governance policies and provisions. MOB defines corporate governance the structures and processes that provide strategic direction and oversight control of the company. It includes the relationships between the Bank’s shareholder, Board of Director and executive bodies. MOB’s corporate governance framework is broadly based on the OECD principles of;

  • Accountability : These Policies establish MOB’s accountability to all shareholders and guides the Bank’s Board in setting strategy, and guiding and monitoring the Bank’s management.
  • Fairness : MOB obligates itself to protect shareholder rights and ensure the equitable treatment of all shareholders, including minority shareholders. All shareholders are to be granted effective redress for violation of their rights through the Board.
  • Transparency : MOB will ensure that timely and accurate disclosure is made on all material matters regarding the corporation including the financial situation, performance share ownership and governance of the company in a manner easily accessible to interested parties.
  • Responsibility : MOB recognizes the rights of other stakeholders as established by law and regulations and encourages co-operation between the company and stakeholders in creating in creating sustainable and financially sound enterprises.
These Policies have been developed in adherence with:

(1) The Financial Institutions Law (No.20/2016)
(2) The Myanmar’s Companies Law (No.29/2017)
(3) Articles of Association of MOB

The MOB Board of Directors will ensure these Policies are adhered to throughout the organization further the Board will review and update these Policies as needed. Any changes to these Policies must be approved by the Board of Directors.

By adopting these Policies, MOB confirms its ongoing commitment to good corporate governance.