Certified cheque is a guarantee that can be used between individuals, businesses and the government departments instead of using cash. The Certified cheque can replace the risk of bringing a huge amount of cash and it can also be acted as a guarantee by the bank that there is a sufficient amount in the bank, thus, the businesses can be done trustfully.

  • Must have a current deposit account if you want a certified cheque from the bank.
  • Submit the cheque that is to be certified to the bank and to request the bank to deduct the amount written on the cheque and bank commission.
  • The certified cheque is valid for (30) days.
  • If expired, the certified cheque can be extended for another (30) days.
  • The account holder can apply for the cancellation of the Certified Cheque.

Service Fees

  • 5 pyas for every 100 kyats
  • Minimum is 1,000 kyats
  • Maximum is 5,000 kyats
  • No service fees for extension of the certified cheque.