• Corporate (or) Supplier must have a relationship with the bank for at least 3 years.
  • Loan amount (or) savings amount is 100 million kyats and above
  • National business owners who has a good reputation in his respective business sector
  • Estimated profit of Corporate (or) Supplier
  • Corporate or Supplier must have a connection with 10 buyers and above.

Loan Period

  • 1 Month to 12 Months

Fees & Charges

Interest Rate 11.00% – 12.00%
Service Charges 1.00%
Late Fees 0.10% Per Day

Required Documents

  • If the applicant is Corporate (or) Supplier or Individual,
    • Application form of Corporate or Supplier
    • Business License
    • Valid Company Registration Card and Export/Import Registration Certificate
    • Board of Directors’ resolution
    • MOA & AOA
    • Profit & Loss Statement (for 3 consecutive financial years)
    • Tax slips (for 3 consecutive financial years)
    • NRC, household registration and passport photo
    • Type of goods, price, quantity and monthly sale
    • Photos of goods and buildings
    • Purchase slips for goods
    • If purchased goods are vehicles and machineries,
      • Certificate from Ministry of Commerce, Department of Trade
      • Business Operating Certificate from Road Transportation Department
      • Car Sales Center License from Road Transportation Department
      • Type of vehicle, Chassis number, Photos of Model Number and type of vehicles that will be sold, price, quantity and monthly sale
      • Photos of Car Sales Center and warehouse
      • Need to open a current account or savings account
    • Corporate or Seller needs to sign as guarantor for purchaser