Using our trustee services , MOB, as a trustee , holds funds of the customers and by using these funds for the benefit of another individual or group, the customers will earn interest.

Product Features

  • Can open a trust account for an individual (or) Joint, an association , a Fund , a monastery or a company.
  • Trustee service periods may be 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months.
  • Interest Rate – 9.50% p.a
  • Minimum amount –Ks.1,000,000
  • Maximum amount – Unlimited
  • Minimum duration -3 months
  • Two weeks’ notice for discharge of trust deed
  • Earn interest (on days) if the trust deed is discharged before the maturity date.

Required Documents

  • NRC Copy (Trustor)
  • NRC Copy (Beneficiary)
  • Current (or) Savings A/C Number